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Dog Walking in Barrington & Riverside

Support the Barrington Dog Park. ENDS 7/14

K9 Services

Trekking to the Park

Dogs are social creatures.  What is your dog up to while you're at work all day?  Hoping to see another dog walk by?  Maybe bark at the delivery man?  Sign up for dog park trips and you will be giving your canine pal what he really wants...friends, frolic and fun!

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Leash Walking

Some dogs prefer the company of other humans and a nice quiet walk.  Leash walks help to break up their day and give them a chance to see who's been peeing on all the best hydrants...and of course, send a reply!

Vacation Care

Travelling doesn't mean your dog or cat needs to be left in a kennel.  We offer many services to ensure your pets are happy, exercised and content while you're away. We will even bring in the mail and paper while you're away!

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